2017 started with pretty Buffa-low expectations for the Bills Mafia fanbase but after a 3-1 start… The delusion is setting in. So I wasn’t too surprised that an away game 430 miles away from Buffalo yielded so many Bills fans in attendance.

Let’s see how they did!!

Savage. Love ripping two “good ol’ boys” for drinking a pussy light beer.

Some fanbases just can’t help but keep tipping up.

To honor Him when you travel to his city is just a real #respect move… Amazing this gesture alone didn’t get the W for Buffalo.

Again, this game was 430 miles from Buffalo… I love these guys’ energy.

When plastic folding tables see the Bills Mafia are coming to town, they must just sense their end is near…

Peep the stellar Zubaz on this guy (lowkey committing domestic violence)… FUEGO!!!


At the end of the day though, the Bengals got the last laugh. Sad!

Bills fans, we’ll get ’em next week… I have faith!!



Ya Gotta Billieve,