Last night, Austin Rogers extended his Jeopardy win streak to TEN… Absolutely unreal!! The guy just pisses excellence.

Now, this recap will be insanely short but two things to note…

First, his haircut is beat. I don’t know if I’m late on this one but “cleaned up” Austin feels like a cheat to me. I want “just rolled outta bed, still smell like a stale fart” Austin!! THAT is the man we fell in love with, not some regular-fit, hipster GQ guy.

Second, maybe the all time funniest answer of all time… Austin had to answer a question about a feline villian in a Mike Myers movie (or something like that) and he answered like a 6th grade boy who isn’t sure if he can talk about women’s private parts or not.

Absolutely awesome… Again, Austin can almost do no wrong and he continued his streak adding another $33,000 to his total.

Tonight, we got a software entreprenuer (unemployed contracter) and a health data specialist (nerd)… We got this.



Go Austin Go,