I have heard a lot of Girardi hate lately and I want to declare my stance on this once and for all…

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No Michael Scott, close, but no…

I declare I’m #TeamGirardi here!!

Listen, he made A mistake by the no challenge, but I would very sincerely like to see Girardi continue coaching this team for a long time. Let’s go through some of the shit people like to give him and take it from there.

Taking CC Out in Game 2
I actually didn’t realize people were hot on this topic until recently. CC was pitching the lights out, walked one guy and got taken out for Green. Up 5 runs, this seemed like no big deal. Green would come in as he’s done a million times before, get out of the inning, and it’s over. The runner CC left on is no issue and we’re on to Game 3 tied… Girardi did what he believed was best. CC had let up 3 at that point, and walked a runner! I don’t see what’s so wrong here. He believed Green was going to be what he has been all year – LIGHTS OUT. Obviously, #57 was not that night, and so things have unraveled, but that’s not on Joe!

The “No Challenge”
Okay, I’ve heard a few things on this and I’ll be honest: LIVE, I figured he got hit. REPLAYS, I knew the butt of the bat got hit. And because I figured they’d review it, I stopped paying attention and was like, “Sweet, strikeout for Greeny!” There was chaos. It’s the playoffs. There is no doubt he fucked up but hindsight is 20/20. You never fucked up? Hmmm…

That Fact that His Catcher Can’t Stop a Ball
Okay, I keep hearing this one, particularly on the Michael Kay Show from callers… That Girardi used to be a catcher and how isn’t he teaching his catcher better to stop balls. Every calls in and says the technique he should use like it’s so fucking simple. Guys, Sanchez WAS terrible behind the plate. Since his benching he’s gotten BETTER, but as far as catchers go, I think you live with him! Not to mention, he’s catching some pretty fucking erratic pitchers this year. Chapman and Betances both throw FIREBALLS and both have had issues with control throughout the year. Case in point, Betances last night…

Try catching that shit you dicks! Also, even some of the guys who don’t throw pure gas, have some pretty nasty movement (CC, Tanaka, etc) – I get he’s a professional catcher, but I think we need to cut him some slack… Especially if he is hitting the way he is!!

Chapman Called Him an Idiot (Kinda)
This one actually just sucks… I’d hate to think he lost control of his clubhouse because of one bad managerial decision, but when Chapman “liked” the comment on Instagram calling Girardi an imbecileChapman “liked” the comment on Instagram calling Girardi an imbecile, it sure feels that way. I don’t know, I guess they talked it over and it’s water under the bridge. Lots of people were probably heated with him. Again, he fucked up – what’s done is done.

And the last point I want to make here is that this team, that Girardi has coached to Game 5 of the ALDS, wasn’t mean to be good until 2018-19. THAT was the party line back in Spring Training.

My God are some people looking at this and forgetting the bigger picture! It’s crazy!!

Girardi deserves the offer of a contract extension… It should be up to HIM if he wants to walk away from the Yanks or not, we should NOT be kicking this guy out.



Us Joe’s Stick Together,