Okay, not to get too heavy/serious but Houston endured HELL earlier this year with Hurricane Harvey… So when they were clobbering teams all year as one of the best in baseball, I gotta say I had that “Aww shucks, they deserve it more than anyone this year” kinda feelings and I don’t feel wrong about that. I have a heart. Give a city that needs an uplifting story just that.

So yeah, after the Astros beat the Sox yesterday (despite me REALLY deep down hoping for a Boston-New York ALCS) I was okay with it. Hey, you can’t have it all!!

But I did find some humor in the Astros champagne celebration after winning, particularly in the political climate we live in nowadays. Take a look:

Yes, that is Josh Reddick rocking the Ol’ Glory banana hammock and yes, it is hilarious. The guys are just having fun and people have been wearing those speedo’s forever (I know I have), but in 2017 – where you can’t do or say anything that might #trigger someone – YEAH, this was going to be a “thing“!!

We got the anthem protests in the NFL going on and it’s like the biggest political shitstorm in a long time that has leaked over to sports, and the Astros – albeit in a moment of joy/idiocy (which I do NOT fault them for) – slipped up.

Let’s take this for what it was… Yes, it’s probably disrespectful to wear the flag on your junk. Yes, it’s probably disrespectful to kneel during the anthem. But @BOTHSIDES┬áplease realize it’s the intent behind what each represents.

Josh Reddick isn’t intending to disrespect the flag and this country… And neither are the players kneeling!! One probably thought he was being patriotic and the other thinks they’re making America a better place!!

I’m just saying, please, let’s not jump all over him for this and let it go (I know we won’t)… I just want to say, it really shouldn’t be that big a deal.



Merica – Love it or Leave it,