At 0-4 this preseason, the Knicks are who we thought they were… They’re, uhh, NOT great. I turned last night’s game on briefly between Jeopardy and the Yanks game last night, and I feel like I saw exactly what you’d expect when turning on a Knicks game:

  • Michael Beasley, our everyone‘s favorite new Knick, went down with looked like he had a season ending knee injury, but I’m pretty sure was somehow fine. I am predicting injuries will be prevalent this year… A LOT!!
  • James Harden made the defense look silly, particularly Ron Baker (who already looks out of place PURELY due to his blonde 12-year old sk8r boi haircut), by doing this…

  • And the stat-line also made me think, “Oh, well at least some of our guys scored SOME points in this 20-point loss!” Like, Beasley with 17, Hardaway with 21, Dotson with 17… This is the sort of shit I’ll have to pay attention to if I want to have interest this year… ANY sort of bright spot I can find. Because there might be nothing else!!

Rockets Knicks Preseason Box Score.PNG

  • KP sat out with an injury… That too I could see happening A LOT on a team that is completely irrelevant. Like, he’s going to figure “what’s even the point” a lot this year… and shit, who can blame him?

KP Hurt Preseason Rockets Knicks.jpeg

  • And one of the marked highlights from the game ended up being Jarrett Jack doing his best Uncle Rico Impression…

Looks like this team is EXACTLY who we expected them to be… This is going to be a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG year!!



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