Alright guys, we all love Austin on Jeopardy and 🚨 SPOILER ALERT 🚨 you can rest assured he won last night (an episode I had to watch* at 2am), bringing his streak to 11-straight days… But I wanna mostly talk about a minute detail from last night’s episode.

Evidently as a hipster bartender, he bikes to work… Like on a bicycle. He BICYCLES home at 4:30am from work. Wild.

Anyways, Trebeck thought that was worth “small talking” about this and we went down a wild ride!!

Listen to the names of his bicycles and tell me this guy isn’t the shit…

  • James Van Der Bike. This bike got wrecked. No story behind that (yet🤔🤔).
  • Bike Tyson. This one I found WILDLY ironic as Mike Tyson himself learned he was a great boxer as a kid when he beat the shit out of someone for stealing his bike.
  • Alex Tre-bike. Okay, the truth here is he didn’t actually name any of his bikes this. He held a “bar vote” and this name won, be he ran a #NotMyBike campaign and overruled the results.
  • Spokey Robinson. Wow. Just. WOW. Word-play on bicycle spokes is just so… Wow.

So tonight, Austin will go for that 12th win. One win shy of what one might call a “biker’s dozen“…




Nailed It,


* = Okay, I just recorded it at 2am and watched it this morning. Back off, I got a job!