Really simple. CC Sabathia is our workhorse, our stallion. He wants to pitch in high pressure situations. He was born in the fire (Cleveland) and he will kill it there tonight.

To get fired up, I went and found the best of “Internet CC“… If you know of any better ones just comment the link below!!


^Tasteless ESPN, really… Fat shaming now!?

CC Sabathia Loves His Captain Crunch

^LOL, CC loves his Cap’n Crunch!!

CC Shimmy after Strikeout

^Love that fat guy dance and fire… CC’s gonna get it.

CC Cabathia Tongue Out Jordan-esque

^The GOAT imitating the GOAT??

CC Eats Ham

^Zeke thought he could eat on gameday… CC gonna show us how real men eat tonight!!

CC Pitch-A-Lot CC Got Gut

^I mean… Just amazing.


^You may think you’re cool… But you’re never “CC Sabathia boogie boarding with a wife beater on” cool.

CC Finger Wag Love it Yankees

^I would nut if I saw a Dikembe Mutumbo finger wag outta Carsten Charles tonight, no joke…

CC Sleeping GIF

^In case you were afraid he’d be tired… He won’t. He was snoozing Game 4 resting for this moment!!

CC Sabathia Fat Albert

^Okay, so the internet really likes fat CC… Shit, so do I!! The guy SHOVES!!

^Love it. Psycho. Mid-brawl CC is laughing just having the time of his life. A genuine maniac and I guy I don’t want – I NEED on my side.

CC Jimmy Kimmel Show

^CC Sabathia with flow would GET. IT. IN.
(Cred to the Jimmy Kimmel Show here for this one)

Let’s get it. I am so fired up. Game 5 elimination. Let’s put it all on the line tonight.