(NOTEWORTHY: The first draft of this post started “Dear Girardi Haters,” as I really was ready to destroy them. But I took a breath, did a total gut-job and restarted)

Yesterday, mentally preparing for the Yanks-Indians game, I found myself listening to the Michael Kay Show podcast from Tuesday night (I was behind a day) on the way home… By the way, yes, I have definitely become a “consume everything sports” kind of maniac and I did want to hear FROM THE HOMETOWN GUYS what they were saying about the Yankees and their outlook on Game 5.

The topic they particularly were on had to do with Girardi and Yanks’ fans being the absolute¬†WORST for booing Joe louder than any other opposing manager maybe ever after his Game 2 botched no-challenge. And those fans are… Well, let’s call a spade a spade – DICKS. But, a really good point was brought up that I hadn’t thought of, and kudos to this guy for changing my mind.

One of the TMKS co-hosts, Peter Rosenberg, made a really good point about Yankees fans being so tough and how that actually is a good thing:

Let me tell you the upside of that though… Here’s where it becomes a major upside… Watching the way my wife watches the Nationals, and the attitude she has, the expectations of losing she has, versus a team that’s won 27 championships. And you watched even the other night, do you remember on Friday night when they were giving the umpire a hard time and sarcastically cheering when he called balls right? There is a tone to the way Yankees fans cheer that I believe is infectious for the team in terms of feeling confident and like you can do anything. These other teams that have never done it or haven’t done it in 50, 60 years… That same obnoxiousness that if they lose it HAS to be Girardi’s fault… leads to them believing they’re IN the stadium… If the Nationals get down today in Chicago… my wife’s going to be laying there head down and you’ll look in the dugout, they’ll look the exact same way. The Yankees don’t do that because of this fan base…

Okay, yes, I shit on New York fans for being so brutal, but I’ve also never known anything else. I never experienced going to a game and people not really caring (aka I’ve never been to a Falcons game… burn, don’t @ me Atlanta).

I go to games and people are angry and shit on their coaches, players, teams, owners, etc. I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve booed the Giants going into the locker-room at halftime. We demand the BEST. But when we are winning, we are the loudest about it. And I think that’s what rallies the team. We CARE and we expect EXCELLENCE.

We as fans will beat you when you’re down, but when you’re up – you’re a god.

Peter Rosenberg made a really good point. The fans dumped on Girardi so that maybe, just maybe, the team didn’t have to themselves internally (ignoring Champan’s liking of the comment calling Girardi an imbecile). Yes, it was brutal and I felt for the guy, but then maybe the team also figured, “Ok, he’s done his time. He’s taking the fall for this loss. Now it’s our turn to pick him up.

And that they did.

The team rallied when they heard Yankee Stadium losing its absolute mind at Game 4 in the Bronx. And they will be back when they face Houston on Monday in Game 3 of the ALCS.

I expect craziness. I expect the demands of excellence. I expect New York Yankee baseball. October baseball.