As many of you may have seen around the interwebs recently, there has been a backlash against McDonald’s for promising to bring back Szechuan Sauce for a day but not ordering enough. Originally released back in the 90s after Mulan came out, this apparently magical sauce was referenced on the show Rick and Morty, which has a rabid following.

Listen, I get it. I’m a TV junkie and when I get into shows, I really get into shows. No lie, if I’ve binged watched a show, my mind will just put me into situations that reference that show. For example, when I would watch The Walking Dead in college and then go outside at night, I would just picture everyone else outside as zombies and run through how I would survive. But Jesus Christ, even for me this is too much. The motherfucker in this video is literally squealing like a damn pig and basically convulsing on the ground! At least when I do my TV show play-alongs, they stay in my head.

What it boils down to is that if you are legitimately upset that McDonald’s didn’t have Szechuan Sauce (I hate that I can now spell that without looking it up), you are a grade-A asshole. You can pretty much buy this shit at the store or make it yourself, you don’t need to act like a dick in public. The closest I can relate to this was when they had a pop-up Los Pollos Hermanos (from Breaking Bad fame) in NYC and I went to it because it was like a five minute walk from my apartment. Yes, I stood in line for a long time to get inside and it was a cool experience. But when they only gave me a small serving of curly fries and a cup of water, did I freak out and jump up on the counter screaming, “I WANT BLUE METH! WHERE IS MY BLUE METH! I’M HEISENBERG! I’M HEISENBERG!” Yes I did, because Breaking Bad is cool.

Hand up, I’ve never watched an episode of Rick and Morty but if it causes people to act this passionately, maybe it’s worth checking out.