So today as I take my talents to Grand Haven, Michigan for the final wedding of #WeddingSZN, I had to stop and grab some coffee – fuel for bloggers/road warriors like me – and THAT is when it hit me.

The total cost of the coffee was like $1.38. Like a good NYC guy/milennial, I used my credit card… Honestly I felt a bit like a dick because I also know that when someone like me does that, the owner of that store has to pay a fee to the credit card company. I’m pretty sure on that $1.38 coffee the margins aren’t GREAT. So here’s my fix…


You see it all the time: $2.35 for a gallon of gas (Cash), $2.45 for a gallon of gas (Credit).

If the gas industry figured it out, literally EVERY OTHER INDUSTRY should have taken notice, realized everyone will keep buying their shit, and they get their merchant fees covered! Boom!

And to me, the consumer, shit I don’t think I care! You can charge me an extra $0.40 for my coffee if it means I don’t have to carry cash around like a peasant!

As I write this I see what a douche I am, but I think it’s true… Small business owners of America, don’t be afraid to charge us fees for convenience, because guess what? We’ll happily pay for it. Easy trumps annoying every time, and carrying change and cash SUUUUUUCKS.



Just a Lil Business Talk,