With the NBA season upon us, Q is going to take us through his predictions for this 2017-18 season… And just like before his hiatus, Q’s takes are RED HOT.

1. Boogie Cousins Will be Traded to the Cavs this Season
The Cavs have the Nets’ pick and they’re gonna try to butter up LeBron so he can’t leave once again. I think they give up Channing Frye, Iman Shumpert and the Nets’ pick for Boogie. Not an even trade, but a trade that is definitely possible.

boogie cousins cavaliers.jpg

2. Klay Thompson Will Finally Become Unhappy in Golden State
Klay has been the step-son of the Warriors ever since that serpent named Kevin hopped on the bandwagon. I’ve said it before and now it makes sense, Klay could move somewhere in the East… like maybe the Bucks!! It could be a VERY interesting future in Milwaukee.

3. Giannis Wins MVP
I believe this is going to be the Greek Freak’s breakout year. The guy is an actual freak of nature on the basketball court and can realistically carry this team at least into the Second Round of the playoffs looking to make some noise and possibly upset a big team.

4. The Knicks Win Less Than 25 Games This Season
I hate to say it, but the Knicks are a D-2 college basketball team at their very best. Kristaps making the All Star team might be the only highlight of the year… That is IF he can make it.

5. Lonzo Ball Wins the Rookie of the Year (Like Lavar Predicted)
Lonzo is a Big Baller. He will BALL and continue to make his father look like a God damn genius.

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6. Joel Embiid Won’t Finish the Season (Once Again)
“The Process” will continue for this guy… Gotta give it to him, he’s a freak athlete but how healthy is he really? He was chirping Hassan Whiteside, saying he can’t guard him. But in reality, Hassan will be an everyday big man and average close to 20 ppg, 10 RPG and 3 blocks… I predict that the “Greg Oden” jokes will start.

7. The Nuggets Will Win Over 50 Games
There is something GREAT brewing in Denver. They are actually following the blueprint from Golden state and are building through the draft. Harris, Murray and Jokic are going to continue to grow, and Paul Millsap is going to be the a huge factor with his leadership and scoring abilities from the power forward position. Be very aware of the Nuggets!

8. Lamarcus Aldridge Will Be Traded After Signing His Extension
Lamarcus has been unhappy as a Spur and with good reason. It just hasn’t panned out like it was supposed to. He going to find himself lost this season and it’s gonna look bad but I believe a change of scenery will impact the late years of his career for the better.

9. Doc Rivers Will Finally Get Fired
This ashy voiced, bald headed bastard went to LA with a vision to finally get them past the first two rounds the playoffs and failed miserably. He’s gonna save Deandre Jordan by trading him somewhere in the East as his final salute to LA. The Clippers will continue to be the losers of LA.

Doc Rivers will finally get fired out of LA.jpg

10. Dwight Howard Will Be the “Old Dwight”
D12 (or whatever he changed his number to) will finally get his shit together and be a productive big man in the NBA. I really hope this scumbag figures it out. He has Kemba Walker to lean on, and that used to be enough for him to be good. C’mon Dwight, just stop being an asshole.