Hockey is back! And thank fucking Christ. I actually have something to look forward to at the end of the day now besides trying not to have a mental break down in the library everyday.

Let’s get going with obviously the Rangers. I thought school was making me stressed out but watching the Blueshirts play so far is going to make me stroke out. Hank has been sub par in net and we can see that because they started their back up against the Devils last week. Although Pavelec did play alright, they still lost… The Rangers need to fix their defensive lines and figure it the fuck out, cause they look like TRASH. You would think adding a D-man like Shattenkirk would have improved the defense but alas, the only good thing I have to say about them is that Mika is looking phenomenal scoring 2 goals in the first game of the season. Hopefully, he can keep up the good work and the Rangers can turn this dusty start to a season around.

Moving forward can we talk about how the Las Vegas Golden Knights are absolutely fucking KILLING IT so far?? They have a 5-1 record as an expansion team, which to me is unbelievable. Here I was, thinking they drafted a mediocre team and were going to place in the bottom 10 of the league but if they keep playing the way they do and can stay healthy they could possibly be a big playoff contender! We just have to realize that it is very early in the season and things can change very quickly.

To finish up here (because I have shit to do and I’m trying to graduate) I want to talk about how the defending Stanley Cup champions lost their first game of the season. I was fucking ECSTATIC. Nothing says “fuck you” like getting beat on your first game back after back-to-back Stanley cup wins.



Good to Be Back,