The original title to the article was “Friendly Reminder to Drink Your Milk” (with a picture of Gordon with a milk mustache) – you know, make light of an injury and move on… I mean shit, at least I would have waited about 15 hours to say that, Skip Bayless waiting about 15 minutes before talking how this affects the fucking playoff picture!

However, after watching video-after-video, and seeing picture-after-picture of that absolutely GROSS injury, I thought again.

If you haven’t seen it, but want to, here it is (if you don’t want to see it again, I don’t blame you):

And if you watched it, I imagine your reaction was almost exactly like the Cavs bench’s (leg not featured in this one):

Honestly, I think that was EVERYONE’S reaction…

**Watch It**
**Look Away**
**”Eww that was gross“**
**But then for some sick reason watch it again**

Why the FUCK do we do that?!

Watching it over and over is so messed up… but we all do it anyway… ALL. OF. US. DO.

We did it with Willis McGahee, we did it with Marcus Lattimore, shit we even did it with Jermaine O’Neil!!

(Shoutout to the people who watched all three of those links… You are fucked up!)

No real point to this article… Just an observation that it’s so weird how we all watch this disgusting injuries and they are just the worst.

I guess we’re all a little (a lot) fucked up.





#RealTalk: No one likes to see ANY player get hurt like that, especially a guy of his caliber and character. We here at WCS have good friends inside the Celtic’s organization, and sincerely wish Gordon the best #PrayersUp.