Here we are… Another playoff game, another opportunity to put my delusional optimism on display for all to see!!

I have gotta say, I was pretty fucking down on this game (despite being excited out of my mind to be there) as I knew Keuchel was going to be throwing against us. I mean, the guy owns our nuts and there’s no two ways about it… Our batters career average against him is a brutal .181 (9/94) with 31 K’s. And in 13 innings against the Yankees this year, he hasn’t let up a single earned run, and he’s got 19 K’s. Absolute filth.

Debby Ryan bye im out bai peace out GIF

Buuuuuuuuuuuuuut I noticed today a potential chink in his armor. Since September 5th, he has only pitched on the road three times, taking the L in two of those games – at Oakland (9/10) and at Minnesota (9/21)… And those teams aren’t great. In fact, Oakland STUNK on ice this year.

Yes, both those games were about a month ago now – ancient history – but seeing as he has almost exclusively played in front of his #HoustonStrong fans, maybe Yankee Stadium will get him a little scared… Just sayin’.

I think the Bleacher Creatures are going to bring the noise tonight (led by Frank & I) and Kuechel is going to take a loss in a HUGE Game 5 in the Bronx… Total upset NOBODY will see coming.

Time to shock the world!!