Brian Cashman is a damn genius. Let’s start with that.

We may not love ALL of his moves (see Chris Carter) – but hey, nobody bats 1.000!! And that might be true, our boy Cash might be batting pretty damn close.

Oh Diggity referenced in an article earlier how we unloaded that steaming pile of garbage (Tyler Clippard) to the White Sox, in exchange for Robertson, Frazier (a Toms River native in case you haven’t heard) and Kahnle… A deal that in hindsight seems like we took the White Sox, bent them over a barrel and tore them up like a parking ticket.

But let’s take a second and remember all the moves he’s made over the years that got us this team… Shall we?

Who Says Chivalry is Dead?
Didi Gregorius, for Shane Greene
(December 2014)
The Yanks traded (then) starting pitcher Shane Greene for Sir Mariekson Julius Gregorius (yup, that’s his real name) – both considered young talents at the time… Honestly, Greene had a solid 2017 campaign as a reliever for Detroit, with 67 innings pitched with just a 2.66 ERA… And while, yes, this one may be far from a no-brainer “win” in the long run, I absolutely LOVE Didi and wouldn’t want anyone else at short.

Murphy 4 Hicksy
Aaron Hicks, for John Ryan Murphy
(November 2015)
John Ryan Murphy. With a name like that I would NO DOUBT be his fan, I don’t care how good he was… But we traded him for Aaron Hicks, straight up, and Hicksy has been one HELL of a player in center for us this year… As for Murphy? He was a backup catcher last year in Minnesota and played in 5 games this year the D’Backs. That my friends is a HUGE win.

A Star for a Rental & a Box of Rocks
Starlin Castro, for Adam Warren & Brendan Ryan
(December 2015)
That title is NOT fair to Brendan Ryan, but hear me out. The guy hasn’t even played a game since 2016, and the Cubs only had Warren for a handful of months… And regardless, we got him right back in the Chapman rental anyways!!

The Best Trade Ever?
Todd Frazier, David Robertson & Tommy Kahnle, for 3 Prospects and Tyler Clippard
(July 2017)
At the time, the narrative was “Oh boy! We gave up a whole lot to get these guys!” And now? Kanhle and Robertson are our most trusted arms and the “Toddfather” is going down in history as THE MAN.

Todd Frazier Thumbs Down.jpg

Guys… That is our #4, #5, #6 and #9 hitters (though Todd is clutch AS FUCK), and the two guys in our bullpen we rely the heaviest on!!

… and for what? WE GAVE UP NOTHING!!! NOTHING!!!!!!!

 seinfeld nothing george costanza GIF

We can talk about other trades and signing and whatever.. But I think those four trades are the legitimate definition of trade rape. Unreal.

Great work by Cashman.



Cash is King,