Professionally speaking not the best sports weekend for your boy… Yanks lost (twice), the Knicks stay strictlyย defeated, and the Giants’ season is almost dead… But, thank God Notre Dame pulled one off against USC (Catholics vs Condoms), keeping those playoff hopes alive and giving me optimism for at least ONE of my teams #WinAndIn.

Now, I know we aren’t a huuuuuuge hockey site here, but last week we had a great “fans sing the anthem” moment at the NJ Devils game when the singer had some difficulties of her own… This is what it’s all about – just Americans helping Americans!

By the way, no kneeling in hockey I tell ya! Might be a Canadian sport, but definitely some real Americans on the ice and in the stands.

This week, Sunny from the University of Florida bringing the hot hot heat with this Merica Monday photo… Great stuff! Go ahead and follow her at sunnymuchaaa, and show her some love.



Merica Baby! Love it or Leave it,