Guys, it’s been a while since Season 7 of Thrones ended… And (on that front) your boy Taylor has been BUSY.

After watching Season 7 (as the FIRST Thrones season I ever watched), I figured I’d give this whole thing a try and watch it through… Honestly and sincerely, it has held up to ALL the hype.

I won’t lie, there are times were I’m definitely like, “Ok… this is NERD shit that would NEVER happen in real life!” Like some guy comes back from the dead, or a dragon breathes fire, or an army of MEN follow a WOMAN as their leader. And while I hate that stuff, I get over it because the rest of the show is THAT good.

Now, before people who haven’t watched past Season 3 continue reading and get all butthurt – I wanted to warn you… SPOILER ALERT!!!

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Okay, that should suffice… Now that only us real THRONES fans are left, let’s continue with where I was going with this.


Throughout the first few seasons you learn Jon Snow is a bastard (like literally so it’s sad… not like “ohhhh, you bastard!” kinda thing) and so he doesn’t bang chicks. He isn’t gay, and he thinks chicks are hot and all, he just has this moral code where he’s like, nah I don’t bang chicks cuz I don’t wanna make another bastard like me.

Anyways, that’s like a storyline for a while and then he meets this sexy ass chick Ygritte (pronounced “Egret” like the bird)… And let’s just say that even though they were enemies, you just KNEW they were gonna bang.

So anyways, eventually they do it. It comes up during the leadup one of the classics “Oh, is this your first time?” lines from Ygritte… And then John Snow goes down on her and evidently had some ELECTRIC stuff.

Now, if you followed my Thrones Talk back during Season 7, you know that there was a GREAT pussy eating scene from a guy with no dick… The show just CHAMPIONS eating box.

I cannot applaud them enough for this. Lingus truly is one of life’s greatest treasures and Thrones dove head first (no pun intended) into bringing a spotlight to it.

Thrones truly is one of the greatest shows running and I can’t wait to see how the next three seasons play out (despite me knowing exactly how they all play out).



Good to Talk Thrones Again,