In my world, the Miami Dolphins are just always the “other” team in the AFC East. They’re not the best team, they’re not the team with the crazy ass fans, and they’re not the laughing stock… They’re the red-headed step child if you will. They’re there, but no one really cares they’re there.

But this year they began to win my heart when they signed Smokin’ Jay Cutler – a guy who really just doesn’t give a SHIT, throws the ball hard as fuck and is married to Kristin Cavallari… oh and TOTALLY overpaid. Basically everything I aspire to be.

So this year they garnered a second look from me from the get-go.

Then I saw this video show up on my timeline this morning and, well, WOW…


I don’t know what this does for the Dolphin’s relevancy if we’re being honest…

Basically when the red-headed stepchild used to get an B in math, no one cared (aka coming in 2nd in the AFC East)… But now we got the red-headed stepchild still getting B’s, but hilariously pissing on the chalkboard mid-class and I think the whole world NEEDS to take notice!!

Guys, I think THIS was it. THIS was what it took for the Dolphins to make it over the top. I applaud this woman – you go girl!!