What kind of golf junky would I be if I didn’t join in on the fun of the latest “breaking news” in Tiger Woods’ career? Needless to say the greatest golfer to ever pick up a golf club has had nothing but breaking news over the last few years. Sometimes the breaking news was literally breaking, like when he’s breaking his back, or even better breaking the law. But for the most part anything this guy does, or says, is considered breaking news at this point. You gotta feel for the guy in some sense, but on the other hand you can’t let him off the hook. Some of the situations he’s put himself into are just blasphemous! The guy has had so many back surgeries that his house must have a pharmacy inside.

All setbacks aside, we now get the joy of his official comeback tour (part IV) with the GOAT blessing his Instagram with four different videos of his full swing since the start of October. The latest video is captioned (beautifully I might add) “return of the stinger #starwars” making reference to his famous low cut ball with a long iron that he has hit so many times producing the greatest protracer lines down the fairway.

It is clear that this man loves to tease the crowd, and is very good at it. If there is one thing we can learn from the back end of Tiger’s career it’s that he is indeed human. At one point it was fair to think that he was some kind of superhero who suffered from the amazing ability to win everything. But nothing lasts forever and in this day and age nothing bad goes unnoticed. So please Tiger, on behalf of your loyal fans who have stuck by you through it all, we’re begging you; no more setbacks!

Let’s stick the old philosophy of sinkin’ putts and nailin’ sluts.



Danny T