OJ Simpson, former NFL Hall of Fame running back and ALLEGED murderer, was released from prison on October 1st, aaaaaand evidently it hasn’t taken long for “The Juice” to get back out there.

OJ has been wheeling and dealing, taking pictures with fans, going out to bars and hanging with celebrities (okay, it was a guy from Boyz II Men, so maybe I throw quotes on “celebrities“)…

oj simpson at a bar.jpg

I just gotta ask the following question… If everyone, and it seems EVERYONE, knows thinks OJ was guilty – WHY DO PEOPLE STILL WANNA HANG OUT WITH THIS GUY?!

Even fans, even regular people, should probably like whisper to each other, “Holy shit, that’s OJ Simpson…” and then quietly sneak out the back door of the bar. Forget celebrities inviting him over and taking pictures with him!!

What is the obsession? I know I was too young, but I just don’t get it.

That being said, kudos to OJ and his seemingly endless charisma for getting this picture out there with these two Instagram models… The guy looks old AF and is just spending his twilight years with dimes.

Maybe THAT should be his new thing, he just becomes a Instagram sensation @oldguywithhotchicks and feeds his ego through likes… Tell me that wouldn’t work.



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