Over the years Ndamukong Suh has done a lot of stuff to make everyone think he’s a dirtbag. He’s stomped players, kicked them in the nuts, kicked them in the face, purposely stepped on their limbs, etc…

(The fact that there is a “compilation video” alone speaks volumes)

He’s a real piece of shit no doubt, so last night when he grabbed Ravens QB Ryan Mallett by the throat, it came as a COMPLETE shock to everyone…

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Honestly, I know Suh’s game is probably fueled with straight rage, but this dude is going to have some serious problems later in life when things aren’t going his way… Think about it, a waiter brings him flounder when he orders cod – CHOKED. His tailor makes his pants a half inch too tight and makes a comment they should let it out – PUNCH TO THE DICK. A pizza delivery guy shows up and they put peppers in on his onions and mushrooms pizza – BURNS THE PIZZERIA DOWN.

I swear, Suh is going to be a trainwreck but until then… I guess we just let him do his thing on the field?

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