With Movember less than a week ago, I want to get the hype train going… And what better way to do that than INTERNET MEME’S BABY!!!

Mustache Meme Amazing.jpgMoustache meme.jpg

No Shave November Expectation versus Reality.jpg

Funny Movember Mustache.jpg

Movember Chest Hair LIT.jpg

I mustache you a question but I need to mullet over.jpg

All Great Men Have Mustaches.jpg

mustache wanna help me find my lost puppy.jpg

seinfeld mustache.jpg

Love it. Everyone who’s joined the team this year, we’re in this thing together… Anyone interested, you can join here. We already are closing in on $1,000 raised which is awesome. I bet by November 1 we’ll have already reached it. Let’s team up and make it happen.

More to come on this for sure as our last clean shaven week closes up!



Movember is Coming,