Full disclosure:  I intended on writing about Game 2 today.  It was genuinely one of the best sporting events I’ve ever watched.  I had butterflies and it seriously doesn’t matter to me who wins it all.  I was going to blog about how the drama that baseball brings is unparalleled and how baseball has given us and will continue to give us some of the dramatic moments in history. Maybe it’s because there’s almost a reset between every pitch and the tension rises so quickly and so frequently.  I don’t know.  I was going to dive into it though.

BUT I had a doctor’s appointment at 3:20.  Guess what time I finally got called in?  Fucking 4:40.  Guess what time I finally saw the doctor?  Fucking 5:00!  That’s another story for another day, but basically I’m very tired and don’t feel like getting all sentimental and serious about baseball.  Emotionally, I’m not “there” right now.  Instead, I wanted to show you all a mini-meltdown that took place on Twitter last night around 12:30 (Eastern time).

Now that game, as we all know was a goddamn roller coaster ride.  I can’t even imagine what it was like for Dodgers and Astros fans because even I was sweating.  Anyways, baseball fans committed four and a half hours to this emotional journey.  That’s where Yahoo baseball columnist Jeff Passan steps in with this tweet:

On the surface, a seemingly harmless tweet.  This is something almost any baseball columnist would tweet out after a game ends.  The problem though was that Jeff was at the game and tweeted this out as soon as the game ended in real time.  Unfortunately for everyone else in the world, TV was a good two pitches behind real life and everyone who saw this knew the ending before it ended.

People were not happy and let Jeff know about it:

Alright so nothing too bad.  Just some upset people complaining about spoilers right?

YIKES!  DO NOT tell Todd Davis the score of a game before it ends or else he will wish death upon you in one of the most gruesome ways imaginable.

In all honesty, I don’t know Jeff Passan.  I don’t read his stuff or anything, but when I did see this tweet, it did strike me as maybe some F-List columnist trying to flex his muscles and show he was AT the actual game which in my opinion is pretty lame.  But maybe Jeff is a sincere guy and was just doing his duty as a sports writer.  Doubt it though, but I’m petty, like Dave Chappelle’s family.

PS – How about this fucking guy?

Toolbag of the century right there.  Biggest upset is that it wasn’t a Cardinals’ fan.  I’m sure in the minutes after the game everyone was in disgust because the quality of the game wasn’t as good as Game 1.

Get bent, sfgiantsfan55.