**The above cover photo is a special shout-out to our troops. Featured is Tyler “T-Psycho” Olson over in Syria (or some sort of desert place)!! Keep killin’ it over there buddy – pun very much intended- we miss you!!**

If you followed along on the Water Cooler Sports Instagram feed this weekend you saw that Team Make Mustaches Great Again really went hard, put their bodies to the limit and got their grand total raised up over $1,000 before November 1 (to put that in perspective, last year in TOTAL we raised $1,240 and that was the entire year).

How did we do it? A harmless idiotic campaign of “Donate $5, Ice Taylor” occurred and Taylor ended up consuming ROUGHLY 550 grams of sugar through Smirnoff Ice’s alone!!

 Diabeetus GIF

(On a real note, I worked it all off [kinda] Saturday so we should be good on that front)

But that sort of stupid stuff is what I want to do more of this year. If you have suggestions, please let us know – we’re all ears!! I think we could crush it this year and have some fun along the way… Hopefully not icing each other, but that was pretty damn effective.

Cancer ought to be pretty fucking scared with savages like us coming its way!!



48 Hours Until Some Really Weak Stache Game,