After an 0-5 preseason and starting the season 0-3, things looked bleak… Okay, probably worse than bleak. They looked like we were going to have to chase another coach out of town, every player was going to give up by December, and an 0-82 season wasn’t just a thought – it seemed inevitable.

And then, in the “Battle for New York” on Friday night, we won a game… We held the city!! Some are saying that was the biggest win in franchise history*! And just like that a little momentum started.

As a fan, I was completely ready for that little momentum to be CRUSHED Sunday when we went to Cleveland, but apparently Friday wasn’t a fluke because we took it to Cleveland last night as well.


We beat LeBron and that is something to hang your hat on if you ask me!

They say to be the best, you have to beat the best. And I think it’s safe to say beating the defending Eastern Conference Champions is as close to “Beating the Best” as we can hope for!

Last night the torch has been passed, LeBron lost the East to Porzingis and we are now in the driver’s seat.



Melo Who?





* = Literally no one has said that.