For the last few years all we have heard in New England is how great their extremely handsome backup QB is. He plays like four snaps, on the greatest team ever, for the greatest coach ever, looks great and then gets socked away for a later date – a date New England fans probably hope to never see (the day Tom Brady leaves).

But now, after yesterday’s wild 49ers-Patriots trade, Jimmy G finds himself on NOT the greatest team ever, NOT playing for the greatest coach ever, having to take ALL the snaps… It is sink or swim for this guy.

My personal opinion?

Rough Night Movie rough rough night movie hes dead GIF

The 49ers weren’t bad because of ONE position. That rarely if ever is the case… But with QB’s, I would say MOST if not all greats have an offensive line that helps them get there.

Unfortunately, this may be what Jimmy has to get used to:

I wish him the best of luck (mostly because it’d be great to see the Patriots get fleeced in a deal – giving away a great QB for a 2nd Round pick)… But my God, if I’m Jimmy, I’m going down with an injury STAT and failing every concussion test on purpose.

Do NOT put me out there behind that line – definitely not with my contract on the line!



Someone Needs to Start “The Jimmy G Foundation