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Okay, now that I got that over-reaction out of the way, let me be a little more serious here… THESE RANKINGS DON’T MATTER. I’m not just saying this because Kirby and Ole Nicky Saban called them poison, no. I’m saying this because look at previous years of the CFP Committee’s first polls:





Only ONE time have the top two teams remained the top two at the end of the year. In addition, overall, out of the 12 teams ranked in the top four to start the CFP Rankings the past three years, only five have remained in the top four at the end of the year (four of the correct picks being Clemson twice and Bama twice… no brainers). This means the committee is hitting a whopping 41% on their picks. Now this is no slight to them, because anything can happen in College Football, but it just furthers the point that this means nothing.

The only thing it does is it creates a road map for each team and tells you whether or not they have a shot at being one of the last four teams vying for a National Championship. I like to put these rankings into three categories when I’m describing the teams and what they need. Let me break these down for you here:


Just win baby win:

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Georgia, Bama, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, TCU, Ohio State, Clemson, Miami, Oklahoma State, Auburn

  • This many teams control their own destiny?! Yes. Yes, they do. All of these teams will be in if they win out.
  • The kicker here is that a lot of these teams play each other.
  • Miami plays Notre Dame, and if ND loses they’re out, but Miami also has to play Clemson if they make it to the ACC Championship game.
  • Oklahoma state plays Oklahoma in Bedlam this week and the loser will be out, meanwhile Oklahoma has to play TCU as well.
  • And of course, as everyone knows, if Bama and Georgia win out they will play in the SEC championship, a de-facto play-in game (No, I don’t see the SEC getting two teams).
  • The one that probably has everyone going crazy will be Auburn, but hear me out. If Auburn wins out they will have beaten the number two team in these rankings, the number one team in these rankings (presumably twice), beaten the number 24 team in these rankings (by 39 points), all while only losing to the number 4 team by one score and the number 19 team by 4 points. That SOS would get them in the playoff. Bad news for Auburn? They won’t win out.
  • These matchups will all help to narrow these teams down, and makes it simple for those in this position. As Al David said it best, “just win baby win.”


Win and need some luck:

Penn State, Wisconsin, Virginia Tech, Washington

  • The one that is shafted the most in this group is Penn State. Ohio State is going to win the East, there’s no chance they don’t (unless I just jinxed them). When that happens, the only way Penn State is getting in is if Ohio State DOMINATES Wisconsin (probably will happen), and the other teams in front lose another game, ESPECIALLY Notre Dame… good luck.
  • Wisconsin doesn’t have a good enough schedule to just win out, which sucks for them and also goes to show that the Big Ten is dumb for putting all of the good teams in the same side of the conference.
  • Virginia Tech’s loss to Clemson is the second best loss in College Football to Notre Dame’s (yes, I’m rating losses), and they will have their chances starting this week against Miami to prove they’re a good team. Only problem? They need Clemson to lose to have a shot at the ACC title, which they will need to win to get in. Will that happen? No.
  • Washington is another victim of their own schedule being shitty. They would need to come out as a one-loss PAC-12 champ with some big victories , but the problem is the fact that their upcoming big opponents keep losing (Washington State, USC, and Stanford Robbie exact). If this keeps up, their big wins end up looking average at best. Because of this, they need some losses to help catapult them into the top 4.
  • That sums up this section. They have a fighting chance, but it’s not looking good.



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Iowa State, Mississippi State, USC, UCF, LSU

  • Iowa State lost to putrid Texas and Iowa teams; Mississippi State dropped a game by 39 points; USC lost by 35 to Notre Dame and also lost to Washington State who now looks to be derailed; LSU lost to Troy; and UCF is undefeated but has a horrific SOS with their best win coming against Maryland. If these teams want to make it to this years College Football Playoff they need Jesus’ help.