I’m gonna change things up a bit. I figure if you’re reading this, you are already a Mr. Robot fan and, as such, you’ve more than likely seen the episode. There’s no point in me recapping every damn scene and making a super long blog post that you get two paragraphs into and then stop reading. So I’m shifting gears. Instead of doing a recap and then giving my thoughts, I’m going to skip the recap and just give my thoughts. Hopefully this is better content.

To be honest, I thought the episode was a bit slow but I know some important things happened. Most notably, ya boy Irving loves ribs, even for breakfast. But beyond that, we learn that Whiterose showed Angela something to convince her to join up and I for one NEED to know what that is. She talks to ya boy Irving about “believing” it so it could literally be anything. I think that is going to be a big reveal as we dive deeper into this season. If they never come back to it, I’ll be quite upset.

Does Elliot know Darlene is working with the FBI? His actions after they leave the apartment indicate that he doesn’t but then why else would he bring the little doohickey that scrambles his voice? He must know that somebody is listening and Elliot is way too smart to not realize that Darlene didn’t just hack him for her own amusement. I have a feeling Elliot/Mr. Robot is going to play the FBI in some way.

Speaking of the FBI, where the hell is Santiago? We find out last episode that he’s dirty and now he just isn’t Dom’s guy anymore? Instead, she’s teamed up with the idiot who opened Elliot’s link and also thinks Whiterose isn’t real! This guy is a grade-A dumbass and I don’t need him around anymore.

The guy the FBI arrested is the hero everyone needs because he is just Joe Everyman. Dude is sitting in his house at night eating Fruity Pebbles in his Woody the Woodpecker boxers. What a life! That’s all I’m going to say about him. He 100% isn’t involved in the DA or Stage 2 in anyway, more likely just a fanboy (I could regret saying this in the future but whatever).

Darlene seeing Mr. Robot with Angela was a pretty big deal. That is for sure the information that she has when she meets with Dom and mindfucks her into sharing her life story with her. But Darlene also did a shitty job at following. Just sees them get into a cab and then abandons the whole thing. You gotta follow those motherfuckers and see where they go! Some spy you are.

Even bigger was Elliot seeing Angela and Tyrell working together, especially right after Mr. Robot says he is in control. This is big for a couple of reasons. First, and most obvious, Elliot now knows that Angela is part of this whole thing and I really hope he doesn’t forget it. Second, its the first time in the new Mr. Robot/Elliot dynamic that Elliot has been in control at night and then the next day, Mr. Robot is in control in the morning. Are the times when they are active about the flip? That could be very interesting. Except for the fact that Angela just called to get Elliot fired. If she were smart, she would have realized Mr. Robot could now infiltrate E-Corp to their advantage.

Finally, Tyrell is even more unhinged than before and he will get completely pushed over the edge once he finds out that Joanna is dead. She is pretty much all he cares about (along with their son) and the look on ya boy Irving’s face when Tyrell talks about fleeing the country with them is priceless. Dude knows it can’t happen, but just plays it cool, as usual. In any case, Tyrell figures out how to get all the paper records in place (will be very interesting to see how) and Stage 2 is imminent. Hopefully we get to see more of it come together next week.

That’s it for me. You can check out my previous recaps/thoughts on the first three episodes below.