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I’m being 100% serious. Hear me out – if we win this weekend coming off our bye week (and I have my reasons to believe we will), we stare down the winless 49ers, the stumbling Chiefs (who have lost two of their last three), a pretty average Redskins team (whose offensive line looked as bad as ours last week), and a surprisingly bad Raiders team.

We win those games, we’re back to .500 (6-6) and RED HOT on our way to a 10-6 season to sneak in the playoffs.

Think of the 30 for 30

What if I told you a team everyone had counted out, never gave up…

Eli Sacked.jpg

…a team who appeared in complete disarray, actually had it locked down…

Janoris Jenkins Suspended.jpg

…that without their star, had several more appear…

New York Giants Scrubs as Weapons for Eli Manning.jpg

…and a coach everyone had lost faith in, knew EXACTLY what he was doing…

Ben McAdoo Suspending Players

“…ESPN presents a 30 for 30 original – ‘Benny & the Scrubs’.”

Guys, we are a franchise that always seems like a “team of destiny” once we get to the playoffs. We currently have ZERO pressure against us, as expectation are… uh, ZERO!!

I’m telling you. Brick by brick, game by game, we can get there. Just gotta#billieve.



You are Hearing it Here First (and probably only here),