The Dawgs are the top-ranked team in the country. Sorry, had to get that out of the way… Miller checking back in for everyone on a very hungover Saturday morning, but you know that no injury or ailment will stop the creative juices from flowing, and this shooter from shooting (cause shooters shoot right?).

But, even if it wasn’t for my dire stick-to-it-iveness, this week’s match-ups are enough to get a dead man out of his grave (or in my case, out of my bed and onto my couch). Thought last week was a great one? How about 6 ranked match-ups and each team in these match-ups having a shot at the CFB Playoff? Yeah I think that’ll do. Here they are:


Penn State at Michigan State- 12:00 on FOX:

  • LINE: Penn State -10
  • I really like this Penn State team and they lost an absolute heartbreaker last week. They will bounce back and win this game against Michigan State, but Michigan State will keep this game close and will quiet Saquon as much as possible (which means he’ll still rush for 100 yards because that’s what Saquon does). I like Penn State winning by a touchdown here but not by ten. Hammering MSU.
  • FINAL BET: MSU +10


Clemson at NC State- 3:30 on ABC:

  • LINE: Clemson -8.5
  • Clemson coming in the top four was not a surprise to me, and honestly they deserve to be there. This NC State team is phenomenal, and as I’ve said before it all starts with Chubb for them. The kid is unbelievable, and is a guaranteed top 10 pick next year. BUT, the problem NC State is going to run into is the fact that they aren’t sneaking up on Clemson.
  • In the past Clemson has overlooked this team, but last year Clemson was a missed field goal away from a loss to the Wolfpack, and this year NC State has already pulled off some impressive wins, warranting them a spot in the rankings. That’s good and bad news because Clemson will come in with the right mindset and will be fully prepared for this team. Sorry NC State, you’ll make a good bowl game though!
  • FINAL BET: Clemson -8.5


Stanford at Washington State- 3:30 on FOX:

Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 11.27.18 AM.png

  • LINE: Stanford -1.5
  • This game is probably the least likely to have a team from it reach the playoff, but Stanford definitely has the schedule to do it, and Wazzu can hope for some anarchy right? Anyway this game is simple for me, I always love home dogs unless that home dog has been playing like shit the past couple of weeks, and what do ya know? WSU is trending down HARD. Stanford will pile it on them and win, and because of it I’m hitting that line.
  • FINAL BET: Stanford -1.5


Oklahoma at Oklahoma State- 4:00 on FS1:

  • LINE: OSU -1.5
  • Baker man, Baker man, bake me a…. okay okay enough of that nonsense. The Big 12 is the most infuriating conference to watch. We all laugh and pile on when Oklahoma loses to Iowa State only to realize Iowa State might be good now?! Additionally, every team that looks like they’re going to pull away and win the Big 12 decides to shit the damn bed and blow it shortly thereafter. It’s mind-boggling. *END RANT*
  • Now that I got that out of the way, I truly believe this is going to be an absolute shoot-out, because neither one of these teams know how to defend (typical Big 12 football). It will probably come down to whoever has the ball last, which is always tricky to bet, but it being in Stillwater and Gundy having the sweetest mullet ever, I give the nod to them. Hammer them Cowboys
  • FINAL BET: OSU -1.5


LSU at Alabama- 8:00 on CBS:

  • LINE: Bama -21.5
  • Bama, Bama, Bama, Bama, Bama, Bama, Bama. Don’t think Bama getting ranked number 2 does anything but anger them and fuel them. The CFB Playoff Committee poked the bear and now Bama is going to lash out and kill LSU
  • FINAL BET: Bama -21.5


Virginia Tech at Miami- 8:00 on ABC:

  • LINE: Miami -2.5
  • Love this matchup, because the loser of this is DONE. This game will decide the ACC Coastal division, and will determine who gets a shot at Clemson for a play-in game to the CFB Playoff. This will also be the first good team the Hurricanes have played in the Mark Richt era, even though their previous match-ups have made other teams like UNC look like Bama. Because of that, Virginia Tech will go down to Miami and beat an unexperienced Hurricanes team. Hammer them Hokies.
  • FINAL BET: Virginia Tech +2.5


And there you have it, more than enough to keep you entertained all day. As always best of luck to your teams and to your wallets.