Our little unicorn, Kristaps Porzingis, is growing up in front of our eyes and it is a beautiful thing.

This year had two directions it could’ve gone – the Knicks end up coming together as a bunch of ragtag scrubs in need of proving themselves… OR, it could’ve ended up in the traditional dumpster fire Knicks fans have become accustomed to.

A tenth of the way into the season, I am feeling REALLY good about where we’re at.

Porzingis seems to be the leader of this Knicks team and last night, he put up the following instagram post that made me even FURTHER convinced he “gets it“:


We’re playing with that New York mentality, that New York GRIT!!

That is EXACTLY the sort of shit I want to hear out of our leader… LET’S TALK GRIT!!

Melo was arguably the least gritty player ever.. No hustle, no resolve.

KP? Blocks shots, gets fired up, throws it down with authority. Gritty AF!! I just love it. This new brand of New York basketball is almost too much for me to handle.

I can’t believe Beasley was right a couple month ago saying “If we did it right” we’d make the playoffs, because this team is very well on its way to a playoff berth if we keep “doing it right” and that basically just means we keep playing with that New York GRIT.



The Mecca is BACK,