Ahh, nothing like Election Day to serve as a reminder to Chris Christie that, as his term comes to its end, Chris Christie has gone from a Presidential hopeful, to a guy that gets heckled by his constituents on his way out.

(The woman behind Christie laughing the whole time is a maniac and should be institutionalized… WTF!!)

Honestly, I always kinda liked Christie… He was like the OG when it came to bullies in politics. He took ZERO shit. He couldn’t care less that he was the laughing stock for every fat joke ever. And he repeatedly had the balls to take on the teacher’s union.

Chris Christie had an unbelievable rise to popularity and and even more unbelievable fall from grace… I’ll cherish the few months we have left because I’m gonna miss that content machine.

Also, calling my shot, at least THREE¬† more great meme’s will be made out of CC before he’s gone… You heard it here first.



Election Day Blues,



P.S. The woman in this video giving him shit was from Mendham, NJ… Fun Fact: when I was in high school, my school and Mendham got into a brawl at a football game one Friday Night and it started the saying “Mendham Guy’s Hit Girls” – which is electric. Fuck Mendham #NeverForget.