After witnessing the Giants suck as bad at they did Sunday first hand, I can genuinely say I’m broken.

There is no more delusional hope left… A 9-game win streak (hypothetically starting Sunday) was possible, not probable by any stretch, but it was POSSIBLE… However, those pipe dreams came to a screeching halt Sunday when the LA Rams came into the Meadowlands and kicked the living shit out of New York.

So here’s the solution: just go with it.

stephen colbert popcorn GIF

That is the exact attitude the fanbase I have repeatedly called the greatest in the NFL, the Bills Mafia, has: “Buffa-low Expectations!

It’s a shame it came to this, yes… But at least they have fun at games.

I think next game I’m at, I won’t get mad, I’ll just kinda chuckle – like, “LAWLZ, how are we THIS bad?!

Then, I will crush another beer until I’m numb (maybe light myself on fire) and throw myself through a table!!

This is who we are now for the next two months Giants fans. Embrace it and maybe it won’t feel as bad.

Hey, at least we got the Knicks (first time in 5 years anyone could say that seriously)!



Giants Mafia… Circle the Drains,