I’ll tell you what kind–the kind of person that pulls a jacket or some shit out from their skirt like it ain’t no thing!



WHAT A MONSTER! This begs the question to all of our female (or male, I don’t judge) readers out there: is this normal? Like when you have a sweatshirt or a jacket that you don’t want to wear in the car, is a common place to store it up your skirt/dress? I feel like a normal person just keeps it on their lap maybe?

I don’t have the data, but let’s pretend that this isn’t normal behavior. Well then, is it any shocker that this modern-day shawl Houdini also stole this poor dude’s tips? If you’re going around pulling full clothing items out from places that they shouldn’t be, I don’t get surprised when they then do some other kind of lunatic behavior like immediately snatch up all of your money and run down the street.

I do feel for my co-worker here. Yes, I do occasionally #drivewithuber and while there are some bad apples in our company that might steal a Home Depot truck and do awful things with it, I like to believe that most are just hardworking Americans trying to eke out a living. To have somebody take advantage of your service by stealing your tips is as low as it gets. BUT that being said, tips ARE run through the app now so I feel like you don’t really need this jar. DOUBLE BUT you should have pulled over the minute this lady pulled that scarf out of her crotch and kicked her ass out. Gotta know that some nutty behavior is coming after that move.

PS I could write a whole other blog on the just-wearing-a-bra-thing, but I’ll let Seinfeld take that one: