That was fucking awesome. Yeah the storyline progressed nicely and we’re set up for a hell of a confrontation next week, but let’s just pause and appreciate that that entire fucking episode was just one big tracking shot. There were no scene changes, no jump cuts, none of that. They started rolling the camera on Elliot in the elevator and through one continuous roll they ended with Elliot confronting Angela at her office. Jesus Christ. I’m not usually one for “film techniques” and whatnot, but that was impressive as fuck. Hell, people thought True Detective was revolutionary because they had like a seven minute tracking shot!

Alright now on to the actual content. I’ve said it before, but I’m really glad old Elliot is back. The Elliot that talks to us and hatches all of these little plans that 99% of us don’t really understand but we root for it anyway. I also really like how they seamlessly weave programming principles into Elliot’s character. The beginning of this episode, I honestly thought my computer was lagging/buggy but nope they were just doing that to demonstrate that Elliot’s memory is corrupted and is experiencing a runtime error. Genius stuff.

I thought it was really funny when he thought he was talking to us but was actually talking to his coworker there. Just another great way to show that his internal code is corrupted and he needs to debug to get back on track. He also did a great job acting like a normal everyday office worker, which was very funny. Blah blah social commentary we all watch as the world goes to hell because we’re numb to it whatever. I don’t care about that, I care about Elliot sauntering into a conference room and acting like a dickhead because that’s how he sees every person at E-Corp. The ability of Rami Malek to snap from anti-social hacker to everyday business douche is amazing–guy is a hell of an actor.

In other news, I was wrong about Elliot knowing that Darlene was working with the FBI. Oops. It was a pretty big bombshell to drop on him and while I know he feels betrayed by Darlene, I still think he’ll cook up a plan to fake out the FBI and do his own thing. The biggest revelation was that now that Darlene started to fill in the gaps, he remembers that Angela is working with Tyrell.

After a sick transition, again still in one shot, we now focus the second half of the episode on Angela. Alright so the Dark Army, a notorious super hacking group, leaves instructions for Elliot, a notorious super hacker, to do shit with the HSM and yet somehow, someway fucking Angela is like “nah I got this.” I’m telling you this from a standpoint of someone with very surface level knowledge of programming–there is 0.0% chance Angela knew what she was doing and did it correctly. Even if the show goes on without incident and they never bring it up, she didn’t do everything right because there is no way she could have. Even ya boy Irving knows it because he basically said why the fuck did you do it and not Elliot. Don’t wanna piss off the big guy.

Finally, I enjoyed the little subplot of the UN vote on the Congo. I know I said before I don’t care about the politics of the show and I don’t but just having all this chaos go on and then we find out China has annexed the Congo? Pretty crazy shit. Like that was supposed to be the crazy thing that happened but since we spent the neitre episode inside E-Corp and all that mayhem, it was just overshadowed. Oh also props to Whiterose’s dude doing his job and promoting Trump. I believe that is what they call a “callback.”

Anyway, I think we’re set up for a really good episode next week. Elliot confronts Angela about being a sneaky bitch and hopefully we see the fate of Stage 2. I don’t really see how they could push it back anymore so it either has to happen or not happen (my bet is, it does happen because that would suck to have all this build up for nothing).

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P.S. With like 5 minutes remaining in the episode, my anxiety level from that fucking siren was off the charts and I really just wanted it to end. Aside from being trapped in a boring-ass Walking Dead episode, this was probably the most I’ve ever wanted an episode to end.