Well we have officially transitioned into fall in the northeast, which means England has cold rain pounding down on them. Hot take, all Spanish players have a bad week. We got a real spicy game early, then some decent match ups to round out the weekend.

SPARKNOTES: Get up early, Saturday is a good one.


arsenal tottenham epl english premier league.jpg

Arsenal v. Tottenham
Emirates, 7:30am
Excellent way to kick off the weekend. Sp*rs have been looking great but Arsenal will give them a run for their money. If Arsenal lose this, it’s safe to say they will not qualify for the Champions League. 2-2 tie.

Liverpool v. Southampton
Anfield, 10:00am
This is a lock for Liverpool. The Reds are rolling right now and Southampton are simply not good enough. 3-0 Liverpool.

Crystal Palace v. Everton
Selkhurst, 10:00am
Crystal Palace will only get two wins this season. In the ultimate troll move they will both be against Chelsea. 3-1 Everton.

Leicester City v. Man City
King Power, 10:00am
City is going to spank Leicester. This is an unfair fight. City will rest players too and they’ll still put up crazy numbers. 5-0 City.

Chelsea West Brom English Premier League.jpg

West Brom v. Chelsea
Hawthornes, 10:00am
Troubling times with the Blues. There’s a bit of unrest in the squad. I view this game as a stress test. Should be a good win, but we’ll see. 2-0 Chelsea.

Bournemouth v. Huddersfield
Dean Court, 10:00am
Dump game. Huddersfield has slowly been dropping slowly down the table and Bournemouth is just not good. 1-1 tie.

Burnley v. Swansea
Turf Moor, 10:00am
The Swans are having their revival. It’s about time. I mean they have the players, they just gotta click. 3-1 Swans.

Man United v. Newcastle
Old Trafford, 12:30pm
United is expected to have a field day. They should  play some flashy ball but they won’t. It will be an ugly win but a win nonetheless. 1-0 United.

Miami v. Notre Dame
Hard Rock Stadium, 8pm
I know nearly nothing about football. But I believe in the Catholic Church. “God, Country, Notre Dame.


Watford v. West Ham
Vicarage, 11:00am
They uh, put a barn burner on Sunday. West Ham is a drip. With basic skills Watford should be able to put them down. 1-0 Watford.


Brighton v. Stoke
Falmer, 3:00pm
Brighton has good games with equal opponents. Which means this will be a solid watch. Stoke is chippy and spiteful so I expect a spicy one. 2-1 Brighton.



Friday’s are for Futbol,