Welcome back, to another Saturday filled with great college football. It’s crazy how time flies when you’re having fun (or when the Dawgs are the top team in the country), but we only have three weeks left of the regular season for college football. And what do we have in store this week? Oh not much. Just seven top 25 match-ups (three of which being top ten matches). Huge play-off implications are on the line and I can’t wait to get after it, and watch these games this Saturday:


Oklahoma State at Iowa State – 12:00 pm on ABC:

Screen Shot 2017-11-11 at 11.29.08 AM.png

  • LINE: Oklahoma State -7
  • Oklahoma State and Iowa State are both coming off absolute heartbreaking games. Iowa State lost in Morgantown to the only group of people more backwoods than them (excluding the whole state of Alabama); while Oklahoma State dropped the deciding game for the Big 12 in Bedlam to their rivals. Both teams will be looking to pick up the pieces and put themselves back together, but I think Oklahoma State is just a much better team, so I’m sticking with the Cowboys.
  • FINAL BET: Oklahoma State -7


Michigan State at Ohio State – 12:00 on FOX:

  • LINE: Ohio State -17.5
  • This line is insane. I don’t understand how Ohio State is favored by almost 18 points after getting their doors blown off by Iowa. I also don’t understand how Michigan State’s defense is getting so undervalued. This all doesn’t make any sense to me I mean:

Screen Shot 2017-11-11 at 11.24.37 AM.png

  • Because of this, I can’t do anything but throw money on Sparty. Too much respect for them.
  • FINAL BET: Michigan State +17.5


Iowa at Wisconsin – 3:30 on ABC:

  • LINE: Wisconsin -11.5
  • Wisconsin does not blow teams out, ever. To top it off, Iowa just had a game in which they were a 20 point dog and turned out to blow the doors off an Ohio State team that was in the top ten. Outta nowhere. So this line makes absolutely NO SENSE, exactly like the Ohio State one, but that is why I love it. Go throw that money on Bucky because Vegas knows something we don’t and it will hit.
  • FINAL BET: Wisconsin -11.5


Georgia at Auburn – 3:30 on CBS:

  • LINE: UGA -2.5
  • The Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry. Biggest Game of the Season. I honestly think this is the toughest game for Georgia in terms of match-ups. They have to make sure to limit the big play potential and to not let Auburn’s run game get any momentum, if they do it could be a long day. Also, it will be the best defense that Georgia has played this year, which is scary. That being said, I’m going to look at some in depth analysis from the one and only Jacob Eason:

  • Welp, there you have it. Going with the DAWGS.
  • FINAL BET: UGA -2.5


Alabama at Mississippi State – 7:00 on ESPN:

  • LINE: Alabama -14
  • The question isn’t whether or not Bama will win this game, the question is whether or not Bama will cover. I think they will (barring a backdoor cover of course), and I think they will do it by a few scores. Look for Bama by 21 in this one. That’s no disrespect to Mississippi State, I just have a lot of praise for Alabama.
  • FINAL BET: Alabama -14


TCU at Oklahoma – 8:00 on FOX:

  • LINE: Oklahoma -6.5
  • I think this one will be just like Bedlam last week, which means it will be one of the best games all season. I also am scared because I feel that TCU has become a very trendy pick lately, and they have a much better defense than Oklahoma State, but I feel I am biased because I’ve always loved the underdog mentality the Horned Frogs bring into every game and have since they were a mid-major…. You know what though? Screw it. All in one them Horned Frogs. TCU. Also money line ain’t a bad idea, but I’d take the points just to be safe.
  • FINAL BET: TCU +6.5
    • P.S. Over/Under at 61? Need to hit it.


Notre Dame at Miami – 8:00 on ABC:

  • LINE: Notre Dame -3.5
  • Is this it? Is this the game where Mark Richt finally lets the Miami fans down? Not trying to be a dick, but Richt literally had at least one let down game every year of his coaching career at Georgia, and that’s fine, I still loved him, but inevitably it would happen EVERY. YEAR. Maybe, just maybe I’m too high on the Irish (probably so) and maybe I’m just tired of all the people talking trash at Georgia for letting Richt go (definitely so) but I’m going with the Irish. Don’t you dare let me down Brian Kelly.
  • FINAL BET: Notre Dame -3.5


There you have it. One HELL of a slate. Just helping to prove, yet again, why College Football is the best sport in the world. As always, good luck to you all and your wallets. Enjoy your Saturday.