Missed any action? Need some office small talk to keep from killing yourself this Monday? Don’t worry, we got you. Let’s talk Week 10!!

Seahawks, 22, Cardinals 16
The color rush jerseys of the Seahawks won them this game, and I refuse to believe otherwise… BUT, Richard Sherman tearing his achilles sucks for Seattle and their season is over.

Seahawks Color Rush.jpg

Saints 47, Bills 10
“Bend don’t break” 
has been the Buffalo defense’s motto this year and for the most part it held up. This week it was more like “bend, THEN break, then light yourself on fire and jump through a table.” Tough loss for Buffalo.

49ers 31, Giants 21
The Giants are a joke. Giving the 49ers their first win has to get McAdoo fired, right? RIGHT?!

Packers 23, Bears 16
Kissing Titties” Trubisky had a chance to win this game on a last drive but couldn’t get the job done. Tough to beat elite QB’s like Aaron Rodgers Brett Hundley.

Lions 38, Browns 24
This game was WAY too close. At one point Cleveland was up 10-0 (or something) and I was pretty pissed I started Frat Stafford in a suicide league… Thank God the real Browns finally showed up!

Titans 24, Bengals 20
Really sneaky the Titans are 6-3. The Bengals continue to suck.

Steelers 20, Colts 17
Steelers games are now just me waiting for TD celebrations and this week, Le’Veon Bell and JuJu Smith-Schuster’s troll job of last week’s Green/Ramsey fight was… C+??

Great thought, tough execution.

Buccaneers 15, Jets 10
Fitzpatrick. Is. Back! Taking his former team down must have felt good. This was the worst “3 & Out” punt back and forth game… Horrible to watch.

Vikings 38, Redskins 30
You wanna talk A+ TD celebrations? Look no further… LEAP FROG BABY!!!

Jaguars 20, Chargers 17
This was SUCH a Phillip Rivers loss. 3 points or less is his “bread & butter” when it comes to losing games. Vintage Rivers loss that hardly is his fault.

Rams 33, Texans 7
Tom Savage is proven… Proven to be buttcheeks. This Texans defense started off looking like they could stop the surprising Rams offense, but after their offense time and time (and time and time and time) again let them down, who blames them for letting up 33?!

Falcons 27, Cowboys 7
At least I can smile seeing this. Fuck Dallas.

Patriots 41, Broncos 16
This is why I hate the Warriors, it’s why I hated the Bulls growing up… Teams that are THIS good deserve the hate. Fuck the Pats.

Less than 400!! Look at me go!!!