Last night’s loss to the Cavs was a tough one to let slip away… Up 23 in the 3rd quarter is NOT a game I want to lose. Yet for some reason as a Knicks fan, I LOVE what I saw.

In the first quarter, LeBron dunks on us and then he and the French Prince (Frank Ntilikina) get into it a little bit. Shoving back and forth, etc… And then like a family, Enes Kanter comes over to defend his little brother.

THAT is the shit I love. Enes Kanter doesn’t care if you’re the #1 guy on the other team, or the 15th… Don’t fuck with his boys or he’ll get right in your face.

Nobody Out There Gonna Punk Us.

I really hope to start seeing #00 Kanter jerseys around the Garden because this guy is the glue that will keep this team together.

We are making the playoffs and we’re going to be a tough out.

Fuck Lebron. Fuck the Cavs. Let’s go New York!!