Everyone just calm the fuck down, will you? Yes, the Bills benched Tyrod in favor of Nate Peterman for this Sunday’s game against the Chargers. I’m not sure people realize that that doesn’t mean Tyrod is off the team. AsĀ Ketch can attest, I’m a pretty big fan of Tyrod Taylor–I think he’s a good quarterback, I think he has the arm to be in the NFL, he works his ass off, and he is just overall a good dude. That being said, that game on Sunday against the Saints was terrible.

Everyone on Twitter is bitching and moaning about how dare the Bills do this to him and he needs to find a team that respects him and throwing out all his stats. Listen, there are two main reasons that Tyrod has low INT numbers. First, he is very, very cautious about throwing the ball, almost (if not definitely) to a fault. If he sees a defender within like 5 yards of a guy, he won’t throw it. Which leads to reason number two in that his main source of passing is checkdowns. Check the tape from Sunday and you’ll see time after time he throws to his safety-valve checkdown when there are receivers (like Kelvin Benjamin) blowing by defenders down the field. He is extremely hesitant to throw the ball so he doesn’t have a lot of INTs. I’m not saying he has a bad arm, I’m saying he has low confidence.

In the early parts of the season, the Bills were winning but if you looked deeper into the game, you’d see that it was behind a defense with double digit positive turnover differential. If you looked even deeper, you’d see that when we got those takeaways, the offense largely struggled to put points on the board, an offense led by Tyrod.

Say what you want about him, but when Peterman came into the game on Sunday, he looked good. Yes, there were second-stringers on defense but I’m not so much talking about the results of the plays as I am how Peterman looked. He looked steady in the pocket, he made his decisions quickly, and when he did throw, he was on target. I don’t care what defense is in there, they aren’t affecting how his passes look coming out of his hand.

I’m not saying Peterman is better than Tyrod but I am saying that maybe he deserves a chance. Coach Sean McDermott has said that this team has no backups. Andre Holmes isn’t a backup receiver, he’s a receiver. Matt Milano isn’t a backup linebacker, he’s a linebacker. Nate Peterman isn’t a backup QB, he’s a QB and he is going to have a chance to show us what he’s got on Sunday. In that same vein, Tyrod is not a backup QB either–if the team needs him, he’ll step up and get it done for them. People CAN come off the bench, ya know.

This Bills team is something special and I do #billieve that their playoff hopes are still alive. They’ve had a rough couple of games but this team is resilient. They’ve all talked about how they are a band of misfits that nobody wanted and that’s what drives them. I WANT them to keep being counted out because that is what makes them improve and succeed. Benching Tyrod is good not only because it gives Peterman a chance, but because it’ll motivate Tyrod to get better and earn that starting job back.