All great athletes know you have to take care of your body: “The body is a temple.” And after seeing the above pic of Johnny Manziel on a beach, it’s safe to say he’s EXACTLY where he needs to be if he plans to make a comeback… He’s just the Bulking SZN part of his workout regiment!

Listen, he was an electrifying QB at Texas A&M, and maybe if he was bigger, he could’ve translated that to the next level. Luckily for him, America is a great place if you are looking to add weight FAST.

But seriously, my guess as to what the secret to Johnny’s current weigh GAIN program is – NO MORE COKE. I bet he kicked his coke habit and his metabolism is just like a normal person’s again, so he’s just gaining pounds left and right.

With that added weight, I seem him as a real legitimate NFL sized player. And very conveniently may be getting himself ready just when a certain New York team starts to look to its future to replace their own dad bod, future Hall of Fame QB…


Just saying…