I’ll tell ya what, this show is not slowing down. With about a minute left in the show, I thought, “this seems very finale-esque. Where do we go from here?” And then boom, they drop the bombshell on us. But we’ll get to that.

We open the episode in a flashback of Angela’s mother basically succumbing to her cancer and accepting that she’s going to die, which Angela does not like at all. The scene was certainly powerful in that sense, but I also thought it was powerful in the interaction between Mr. Alderson and Angela. Him trying to convince her to go talk to her mom and telling her that sometimes you just need a little push, even insinuating that Angela might need to push Elliot in the future. Maybe its just because Mr. Alderson becomes Mr. Robot and Mr. Robot is a functioning lunatic, but I definitely got shades of The Joker from The Dark Knight.


Quite fitting, seeing as Elliot is always just a little push away from the madness that is Mr. Robot. Speaking of which, we begin to see a lot of back and forth between the two of them, more than we are accustomed to. What I really enjoy about this show is that it isn’t just the same old thing over and over again. Sure, Elliot and Mr. Robot vie for control but the way that we, the viewer, see that is totally different. In this episode, it is almost all from Elliot’s point of view. We’re with him as he’s trying to give the kill order on Stage 2 and then BAM! we’re now in a taxi after he comes out of his blackout.

I think that is an awesome device to use, especially at such a pivotal moment in the show. At this point, I think most of the audience now sides with Elliot in that we don’t want that building to blow up because we know there are people inside. So we are totally invested in him doing whatever he can to make it stop, despite the best efforts of Mr. Robot. We feel his struggle, we feel his sense of urgency, and we certainly feel his frustration as he can’t make it five steps without bashing his head against the fucking wall.

Elsewhere, Darlene is still working with the FBI, though holding something back (aka Angela–weird that you’d protect your brother’s childhood friend but not your actual brother). I don’t know about you, but I hate her storyline. Nobody really gives a shit about her and she doesn’t really hold any power anymore. She does convey the info about the Red Wheelbarrow HQ (shoutout to me, always knew that place was important), but I feel like Elliot gave her that info so that should would tell the FBI so it was basically him calling the FBI directly anyway. In summation, fuck Darlene.

We FINALLY get to see Santiago back to work after we find out he is dirty and then don’t see him on screen for several weeks. For some reason, I like the dude a lot more now that I know he is working with the Dark Army. Why? Well I don’t really know because I don’t necessarily want them to succeed. I think he was just such a boring stick in the mud before but now we know he is actually really good at hiding his true intentions. He successfully prevents a raid on the Red Wheelbarrow, even though fucking Dom goes anyway because she can’t leave well enough alone, and I thought it was cool just to see how he handled that–no shot I’d be able to think like that on the fly.

Speaking of Dom, yeah she finds the hideout and flushes out Tyrell who then gets captured. But here’s the crazy part about this show–do you think that was all part of the plan? Is that even possible? Can we believe that the Dark Army knew that Elliot would see the bag given to Angela, figure out the connection of the Red Wheelbarrow, tell Darlene who would tell the FBI who would prevent a raid, only to have Dom disobey orders and go anyway in order to capture Tyrell for some purpose? I think it’s a little far-fetched, but these are some smart and powerful motherfuckers. Plus, Whiterose calculates EVERYTHING. I will say, I think there is a plan for Tyrell getting captured and I NEED to know what those instructions said.

In the boring part of the show, Price and Whiterose meet at where else but Mar-a-Lago. Can we please give it a fucking rest with the Trump shit? Yeah, we get it–shady backdoor deals are going on between people in power and they take shots at “the owner” showing his nuts through his bathing suit or some shit. Ha Ha. Could have done without this scene and I think they need to cut this shit out because it really is distracting from the rest of the cool stuff going on.

And finally we get to the climax of the episode–Elliot and Mr. Robot chatting it up to each other via a basic text editor. I’ll admit, I was getting a little bored with this episode until this standoff happened. Elliot finds out that there are no paper records in the building and that Mr. Robot is just a pawn to the Dark Army. This really pisses him off and he somehow just smashes a key-card access panel to get Elliot in the room to set off the fire alarm. The questions that Elliot poses at the end are very interesting. Can he and Mr. Robot co-exist? Will Mr. Robot now fight against the Dark Army instead of him? I think an Elliot/Mr. Robot crusade would be awesome to watch. Just need a montage of them learning their powers/how to easily switch between one and the other.

And then the bombshell–the Dark Army wasn’t just targeting one building, but rather 72 buildings across the country, one of which Elliot saved. I can’t imagine being in Elliot’s shoes right there. Thinking that he is a hero and a badass, finally reconciling with his alter-ego only to find out that he only stopped 1/72nd of Stage 2. Ouch. I’m very interested to see how he reacts and I hope it isn’t a spiraling depression because that Elliot just makes me sad. Hopefully, it is more Punisher-like and he goes on a rampage. In any case, I think this season has been awesome and I hope they keep it up until the end. We’ll see ya next week.



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