Guys, I think, even as a conservative person, on social issues I am pretty open-minded on a VARIETY of things.

Gay marriage for example, go for it! You wanna be gay, be gay! You believe gays should go to hell? Okay* you are free to think that too! Just let people do what they wanna do!

You wanna abort your kid? Hell, that seems fucked up to me, but I guess if you have your reasons for it, plus I’m not pooping out a kid, so what should I be able to say about it! I can believe what I want – you can believe what you want.

You wanna cut your dick off and be a female – you can do so! Expect that a LOT of people are going to judge the fuck out of you for doing so, but hey – that’s the life you chose!

But this latest may have put me over the edge…

Some white transgender guy (?) has decided to “come out” as Filipino… FILIPINO!! AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT ETHNICITY!!!

Guys, this is not something you get to choose… I get that we blurred the lines when Chris Jenner cut his dick off and chose to became a woman, but this is different.

You are white, or you are black, or Asian, or Indian, or whatever… But you are THAT race.

I am white, and I cannot chose to self-identify as black. That’s not how it works.

I am beside myself where our society has gone!! YOU ARE WHAT YOU ARE, DEAL WITH IT!!

If you hate that you have a dick, I’m sorry, deal with it. If you hate that you’re white, I’m sorry, deal with it.

Firsthand example, I don’t love having a fucked up nose (solid story behind that one… #college, am I right?!), but guess what, that’s ME, I live with it!

This is complete insanity and it needs to end. We need some open judgement back in society to shame these fucking people into being normal again and living with the “misery” of who they are.





* = Probably worth noting that there are like a million things your religion would teach you like “to treat others like you’d like to be treated” but whatever…