It’s no secret around New York, probably the entire NBA, that the Knicks are BACK. They play team ball, hustle on defense, seemingly will die for each other… It’s really amazing to witness.

The buzz is extremely real around Madison Square Garden, where the fans have been ELECTRIC during the team’s ten games there – helping them to a (8-6) start, with seven of those wins coming at home.

But today at work, the thought crossed my mind: HOW are these Knicks good?

This was a tanking year, wasn’t it? Weren’t we supposed to be terrible and get a good draft pick and maybe, JUST MAYBE, build around KP, Frank + whatever next year’s draft nets us? How are we doing this?

I took a look at the Starting 5 from the game against Utah… And we’ll take them 1-by-1:

  • #00 C, Enes Kanter: By all accounts, he was the best thing we got back in the Melo trade, though at the time it made no sense because we thought we had our Center of the future in Willy Hernangomez, with KOQ as well… Boy I was wrong there! Kanter has been great, but I wouldn’t have thought he was a starting center in this league anymore.
  • #6 PF, Kristaps Porzingis: The unicorn of New York has flourished in his role as main target in New York. He is undoubtedly going to be the MVP of the league, it’s honestly amazing through almost a quarter of the season where he is at.
  • #5 SG, Courtney Lee: I thought last year Courtney Lee got a bad rap on this Knicks team from everyone – fans, media, etc. He really was a consistent player – he knows his role and he just seems like a pro’s pro. Biiiiiiig Lee guy and I’m glad he’s plugging int so well this year.
  • #3 SG, Tim Hardaway Jr: Loved him in his first stint, love him now. THJ is just a killer and yes, he can be erratic at times and take the occasional “heat check” 3, but honestly, his confidence is great, his athleticism is unreal, and unlike EVERY OTHER highest paid Knick before him – he seems to be living up to his contract.
  • #55 PG, Jarrett Jack: I do not “get” Jack. He is a fucking alien looking dude who now is like 100 years old and I just do NOT understand him. I get that he is a leader, that much I can see, but I won’t hate the day Frank takes over… Until then!

So I look at that 5 – a center that I didn’t think could be a starting NBA center, a unicorn, a role player on the wing, an erratic shooter and a 100 year old point guard – and I think, HOW ARE WE WINNING… Then I looked at their numbers…

00, 6, 5, 3 and 55… What do those all add up to?

Rasheed Wallace 69.jpg




Guys, we are just low-key illuminati’ing the league!! I don’t want this lineup to ever change… We WILL win a title with this team!



Numbers Never Lie,