A sad, defeated, miserable Miller checking in on this chilly autumn Saturday morning. You all know why I am depressed. It is from the sodomization that the Auburn Eagle-Tigers put on my poor Bulldogs last weekend. Am I furious? Yes. Am I hopeless? Somewhat (I know if the Dawgs win out they’re in but I don’t have much faith in that). But whatever, it’s a new week and the Dawgs will put up a million points on Kentucky. Also, even though it is quite the drop off from last week as there is only one top 25 matchup, there are some really solid games on this week, and some lines I really want to dabble on. Let’s take a look:


UL Monroe at Auburn – 12:00 pm on ESPN:

Screen Shot 2017-11-18 at 11.15.17 AM.png

  • LINE: Auburn -36
    • The Monroe Doctrine warned others in Europe the U.S. would not tolerate any attempts at colonization, and just like Monroe took a stand there, I expect UL Monroe to take a stand today.
    • Okay okay okay I get it. Am I still pissed and bitter about last week? You bet your ass I am. But I’m not picking against Auburn because of that (I mean realistically if they lost it would be worse for my Dawgs). I’m picking against Auburn because 36 points is a lot of points and let’s be real this is a tune up game before the Iron Bowl next week, and I’d be SHOCKED if Auburn had any starters in during the second half. Because of this, I’m hitting that Monroe line.
  • FINAL BET: UL Monroe +36


Michigan at Wisconsin – 12:00 pm on FOX:

  • LINE: Wisconsin -7
    • Camp Randall will be ROCKING as the Badgers jump around all over the Wolverines and take the victory at home. Sure, Wisconsin is having their first real test as they actually play a ranked team for once, but it’s against a Michigan team that is only ranked because they looked good the last three weeks as they played terrible ass teams. I also don’t think Wisconsin is good by any means, and I fully expect them to get slaughtered by Ohio State in Indianapolis, but not today. Today is a day for fearing the Badger.
  • FINAL BET: Wisconsin -7 – ALSO love the under at 40.5 here.


Illinois at Ohio State – 3:30 pm on ABC:

  • LINE: OSU -41
    • The Illini will travel into Columbus looking to scalp some Buckeyes only to find out that you can’t do that to a poisonous nut. This is another absurdly high line, and you know I love those lines. Ohio State could easily beat Illinois by 80 points, but that’s not what they need here. This is a tune-up for Michigan, and just like I expected for Auburn above, I expect Ohio State to put this one away early and have no starters play in the second half, but the Illini to cover because 41 points is insane.
  • FINAL BET: Illinois +41


UCLA at USC – 8:00 pm on ABC:

Screen Shot 2017-11-18 at 11.24.48 AM.png

  • LINE: USC -15.5
    • UCLA rolls into the Coliseum to play their cross town rivals in what is a battle of the top QB prospects for next year’s NFL Draft. Rosen toasted Texas A&M in week one and everyone thought this USLA team was the greatest thing since sliced bread and thought this matchup would be the one that decides which Pac-12 team made the College Football Playoff…. LOL, that didn’t happen.
    • The sad thing is, Darnold and this USC team hasn’t lived up to expectations either. Sure, they’re number 11 in the country now, but how have they looked in big rivalry/prime time games? They got demolished by Notre Dame, and almost lost to a VERY shitty Texas team. The mediocrity that will be on display in this game will be very real, but I think that leads to it being a close game. Because of that UCLA is the play.
  • FINAL BET: UCLA +15.5


There you have it y’all. Let’s hope this week can pick up my spirits and put me back on track as being a believer in the Dawgs. As always, best of luck to you and your wallets!