Guys, I actually am really¬†optimistic that the Knicks can, and should, beat the Clippers tonight. Here’s five reasons why:

  1. The Clippers are Banged Up.¬†Patrick Beverly is just getting back tonight recovering from a knee issue and I believe “The Rooster” (Danilo Gallinari) is out. A team of Clippers backups is exactly what you want if you’re a Knicks fan.
  2. The Clippers are BIG TIME slumping. LA comes into this game having lost 8 straight games and ten of their last eleven. That is no joke… There’s a ton of pressure trying to get that monkey off their backs.
  3. They Can’t Handle the East. The Clippers are 0-5 against the Eastern Conference – something I would NEVER guess out of any Western team probably EVER given how bad the East has been for so long… But that being said, maybe the tides have finally turned in the East’s favor.
  4. They Can’t Travel. The Clippers are 2-5 on the road… Sad!
  5. Not in Our House. Conversely, the Knicks have been STRONG at the Garden, posting a 7-3 record there, and overall are currently 4-2 against Western Conference teams this year. The Clippers may find themselves in front of a hostile MSG crowd – something that has been rare these last few years. The mecca is back.

Johnny McEnroe MSG Crowd.gif

In years past, games like this were just pure letdowns… I would convince myself the Knicks can and should win, then they go and blow it, and I am just left angry at myself for ever believing in them.

But this year is different. This Knicks team is for real. Let’s eat tonight boys!!



Go New York, Go New York, Go,