During yesterday’s 23-0 loss to the Baltimore Ravens, Mike Daniels was caught looking like… Well… He pissed himself.

Now, here’s the thing, there are stories about players peeing their pants during games all the time. Mark Schlereth did itChanning Crowder did it. And yesterday, Mike Daniels did it.

Now, this all was not big story, it really is a non-event. But Daniels went and had the AUDACITY to deny it!


come on bitch please GIF


That is the most distinct “I pissed my pants” stain I have ever seen.

HOW THE HELL COULD THAT BE SWEAT?!!?! It’s going to pool up RIGHT THERE on your pants and not go anywhere else?!


As a person brave enough to admit they’re pissed their pants before (time & location saved for those brave enough to slide in my DM’s), I can say this… I can respect someone who admits their faults. I do not respect liars.

Mike Daniels, admit you did it. You pissed your pants.

I will not rest until Piss-Gate has it’s proper ending.