Week 11 brought us a handful of blowouts, one GIANT upset and the death of the Dallas Cowboys… Truly a GREAT week in the NFL!! Let’s get to it…

Steelers 40, Titans 17
Antonio Brown scored 3 touchdowns alone on Thursday, and honestly… That was insane. The man is pretty much unstoppable.

Giants 12, Chiefs 9
HOLY SHIT THE GIANTS WON A GAME!! Kicking field goals on a windy day in New Jersey… THAT is the new brand of New York Giants football!!

Chargers 54, Bills 24
Christ… The story here is simple: the Bills benched the WRONG GUY. In Tyrod Taylor’s first 254 pass attempts this year, he threw 3 picks. On Sunday, Nathan Peterman threw FIVE picks on his first 14 attempts. THIS is why Bills fans throw themselves through tables

Lions 27, Bears 24
I just love Frat Stafford so much… I can’t wait to sit down at Thanksgiving, my stomach in agonizing pain after gaining 12 pounds in a sitting, and watch him throw the ball all over the place as the Lions make their playoff push. Gritty win for Detroit.

Jaguars 19, Browns 7
Beating the Browns is not worth talking about. Hwoever, the Jaguars are 7-3… Has anyone even been paying attention to that? WTH?!

Ravens 23, Packers 0
I get that Brett Hundley is never going to be Aaron Rodgers, but maybe just don’t threw three picks… Be better.

Buccaneers 30, Dolphins 20
Is Fitzmagic back?? Probably not. This was just a lame game of two letdown’s of teams in 2017. I just wish Jay Cutler had a miracle season…

Vikings 24, Rams 7
These Vikings are another team where I’m like, where the hell is this coming from? Case Keenum is leading an 8-2 team? What planet am I on?

Saints 34, Redskins 31
The Saints are fun to watch. Eight straight wins for New Orleans and I am starting to envision a beautiful Drew Brees playoff run in the making… Also, Alvin Kamara has gold teeth and a nose ring… WILD!!

Texans 31, Cardinals 21
Tom Savage vs Baline Gabbert… Talk about two thoroughbreds just going at it!! Savage held it down #HoustonStrong for his city. Bulls on Parade.

Bengals 20, Broncos 17
Really disappointed in Denver here actually… I thought they at least could beat Cincy at home here but I forgot Brock “The Cock” Osweiler is their field general… That is a formula for disaster every time. But this game did provide a 101-yard INT return that DIDN’T go for a TD:

Patriots 33, Raiders 8
Goddamnit Raiders… That is all on the game. Worth noting, Gronk traveled to a foreign country and learns how to say one word, so NATURALLY he shows off his new trick immediately in the presser:

Eagles 37, Cowboys 9
The Cowboys are just falling apart at the seams and I love it. Need it. If I can’t be happy with my team, at least Dallas can’t be either.

And there you have it, once again, less than 500 words to tell you ALL about another glorious week in the National Football League.