After what I saw from the Yankees this past season, I really just trust everything Cashman is doing.

So yesterday, when I saw on Instagram from Garrett Cooper – who I thought played pretty well in limited duty this year – that the team had traded him away, I was a bit confused. I looked into it a little bit more and saw they packaged him and Caleb Smith – a guy out of our bullpen I also was a fan of (aka he threw strikes **cough cough @Betances cough cough**) – I was even more confused.

They evidently got RHP Michael King, from Rochester, NY (shout-out upstate) and some international signing money.

And then I realized I can go back to trusting the process.

Why? Is Michael King that good?” Honestly, I have no idea…

The reason I say I can trust the process again is because Cashman made this move very simply to increase the amount of international signing bonus money we can offer Shohei Otani – the Japanese phenom who pitches AND hits, a skillset very few pitchers in the AL have, and the thought that he may play DH* and pitch is WILD to me!

International signing bonus money essentially is just the amount a team is ALLOWED to offer international players, and this offseason, it is thought the Yankees will be going very hard at Otani. Right now (after several trades this year have gotten them higher than the normal amount), they can offer just $35k shy of the most in the MLB – the Texas Rangers being #1 at $3,535,000.

However, it’d be worth noting that guys like Hideki Matsui and Masahiro Tanaka are LEGENDS in Asia, and so Otani would be walking into a pile of marketing money as a Yankee on Day #1 – his association with the brand alone would be all it takes.

I think it’s ballsy by Cashman, the guy could still be a bust, but given the Yankees eye for talent of late, I am pretty excited about this move. Sad to see Cooper & Smith go, but really interesting move out of Cashman.

(By the way, no disrespect to King – I bet that kid can toss the bean around too… I just haven’t done my research on the 585 product)



Offseason Buzzin,



* = DH, a position in the playoffs that was the BANE of the Yankees batting lineup, at once point I think that slot was like 1-for-30… Shout-out to Headley, Ellsbury and Holliday for that!