Guys, every year we sit down and feast on Thanksgiving food – turkey, stuffing, potatoes, etc – but I want to release a thorough power rankings in my world of 1 to 10 of my favorite dishes.


10. Canned Jelly Cranberries. An oldie but a goodie. I like to think of it as this great palette cleanser I can always turn to when maybe that turkey was a little dry of something. And I know this is available at a MILLION meals beyond Thanksgiving, but canned cranberries and just the best.

9. The Dinner Rolls. This was a Producer Tim submitted one, and I kinda agree. “They have to be SOLID” was his exact comment. I mean, I’m not one for filling up on bread during Thanksgiving… Ain’t nobody got time for that. But a good potato dinner roll can be really nice… I’ll give him that.

8. Stuffing. I’m talking about the gooey stuffing that you extract from the turkey. The stuff that is just like paste but tastes like all the best parts of turkey. THAT stuffing. Maybe you are like my dad and toss scotch in it because we can TOTALLY taste that!!

cranberry bourbon.jpg

7. Bourbon Cranberries. This makes me infinitely sad, because I haven’t had these in years but time only makes me think fonder of this delightful dish. Bourbon and legit cranberries in this like soupy mixture… Amazing. Old Friendsgiving’s in Syracuse saw this dish year after year, and honestly I miss it. WCS Friendsgiving may have to become a thing – #GOALS.

6. Stuffed Mushrooms. Yes, this is an appetizer, but I still really only eat it on Thanksgiving. And I’ll be honest, I don’t know what is in it (cheese and stuffing maybe?) but it is delightful and something I look forward to every year.

5. Smashed Potatoes. NOT mashed potatoes, SMASHED potatoes… WTF does that mean? It’s when you make mashed potatoes, but you don’t peel the potato entirely before mashing it up, leaving a little skin on it when you eat it. When I stuff my face with mashed potatoes, it is refreshing to get that little skin flavor goodness.

4. Dark Meat Turkey. This is not a race thing, but with turkey – I VERY much can see color… And one is better than the other. The dark MOIST turkey meat is the best. Smother that shit in gravy and just… UGH. I can’t wait. Gimme dat dark meat!

3. Stove Top Stuffing. There is something about the boxed Stove Top stuffing that I legit cannot get enough of… Not necessarily the stuffing from the Turkey’s butthole, which is great and all – don’t get me wrong – but Stove Top has their stuff together.

Green Bean Casserole

2. Green Bean Casserole. Until I was 10 I thought mushrooms were GROSS. Like, the squishy texture and the fact that they’re a fungus was too much for me. But, I grew up and now, I’m happy to say a dish with cream of MUSHROOM soup in it has hit #2 on my power rankings. With those crispy onions as a topping, it is just salty goodness and something I can never have enough of.

Sweet Potatoe Casserole.jpg

1. Sweet Potato Casserole. I’m taking the sugar filled, brown sugar encrusted, marsh-mellow topped sweet sweet goodness that takes me closer and closer to diabetes every year. If your family doesn’t do it – you should. If your family does do it, I dare you to fill an entire plate this year. Plus like, I’m pretty sure sweet potatoes are a super food, so it probably cancels out all the bad sugar stuff… probably.

And there you have it, my favorite 10 dishes that I will CRUSH today… Ignoring my forever #1 favorite dish that will compliment all of these perfectly:

natty drinking beer GIF by Barstool Sports




Happy Turkey Day All,